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  • ! Important information
  • + New feature
  • * Improvement or modification
  • - Bug fixed or feature dropped

June 10, 2015, Release 3.00

  • + Full support for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and all latest releases of Windows Server.
  • + Full support for Windows Aero user interface.
  • + Built-in e-mail template has been improved to fully support all versions and editions of Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail e-mail clients, new default e-mail programs offered for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • * Improved support for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.
  • - Argentum Backup no longer disables system-wide window scale animations. This is especially visible with Aero user interface on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • * Minor interface changes.
  • - Minor bug-fixes.

October 16, 2006, Release 2.60

  • ! A new scheduling option added - "Resume missed backup tasks" - available under the "Options" page in "Advanced" mode. By default it is enabled, and if enabled it corresponds to Argentum Backup default scheduling behaviour. Disable it in case you have problems with Argentum Backup scheduling i. e. notice Argentum Backup constantly resuming backup operation at unexpected times. This often happens with older, non-compatible disk drives, some removable drives and some network drives with non-Windows file system used as a target file system. Those drives do not fully comply to Windows file system specification as they cannot properly set date and time values on folders, so a different kind of scheduling strategy is required in order to support them.
  • * Built-in e-mail template has been improved to better support latest versions of popular e-mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail.
  • * Argentum Backup has been compiled with a new version of C++ compiler and latest version of the C++ STL library. This should result in improved performance and stability. You may notice performance gains during most of the operations which involve lots of files to process.
    • Argentum Backup is much faster now during file searching phase. Hundreds of thousands files is not a problem anymore provided that you have a fast enough computer. Additionally, Argentum Backup shows a progress during file searching displaying the total number of files found.
  • * Some of the errors from the file system no longer trigger an error state but result in affected file being silently skipped with appropriate logging. This improves usability.
  • * Argentum Backup no longer locks at 99% during stacking operation. You can safely stop the stacking operation if you want.
  • * Argentum Backup no longer deletes a file in the destination in file copying mode, if the corresponding file in the source is locked during backup operation. If older copy exists in the destination, it remains there.
  • * Minor interface changes.
  • - Bug-fixes.

January 5, 2005, Release 2.50

  • ! Argentum Backup now supports strong 128-bit and 256-bit AES symmetric encryption to securely protect your sensitive data when you back it up into Zip files. AES 128-bit and 256-bit strong encryption methods provide significantly greater cryptographic security than the traditional Zip encryption method used in earlier versions of Argentum Backup. AES is the Advanced Encryption Standard, which is the result of a three-year competition sponsored by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards (NIST). AES has been approved by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard for use by the U.S. government, businesses, and individuals.
    • When properly implemented, the AES permits a very high degree of cryptographic security, yet is fast and efficient in operation. If you have important security requirements for your data, you should use the new AES encryption option. The only advantage of traditional Zip encryption over the more secure AES encryption is that it is supported by most Zip file utilities. In order to extract a file encrypted with AES, WinZip 9 (or later) is required.
  • + "My E-mail contacts and messages" template has been improved to support default e-mail locations for Mozilla (version 1.1 and later), Netscape Communicator (version 7.0 and later), and IncrediMail, in addition to Microsoft Mail 3, Outlook Express (any available versions) and The Bat! e-mail clients.
  • + New "My pictures, videos and music" template to back up common Windows locations for user's multimedia files: My Pictures, My Videos and My Music. It is often recommended to use native file copying mode for these file locations, as they often take up a lot of space.
  • + You are now able to clean up the Argentum Backup's log file of backup activity. A new, compact version of backup activity report is also available. This new report is good for quick preview. Also it takes considerably less time to generate in case you have a very large log file with lots of heavy activity logged.
  • * The scheduling agent of Argentum Backup is now less intrusive in reporting backup problems. Although it still monitors the backup destination continuously every minute, it will not report problems repeatedly in case the destination is not available. This enables you to safely detach removable drives, such as USB external hard drives and USB memory keys, remove disks from floppy disk drives and CD/DVD writing devices, unmap remote network drives, close the network connections altogether and log off the network servers - all without risking to have Argentum Backup continuously reporting backup problems. The error reporting is now active according to the active schedule, i. e. hourly or daily.
    • Additionally, in order to prevent recurring backup retries and failures, and to suppress persistent error reporting, the task's backup scheduling now holds up for 15 minutes in case there recently have been any problems associated with the task during normally scheduled backup operation. This makes Argentum Backup less obtrusive and more user-friendly.
  • * The base priority of Argentum Backup process has been lowered. This will make Argentum Backup's background backup operations less interfering to the foreground activity.
  • * Additional notable changes to the core backup engine:
    • Files, partially locked by another application, no longer abort the backup operation. From now on they get silently skipped and get logged as skipped to the log file.
    • A simple preliminary write check is now performed on the removable volume prior to starting a backup, in order to avoid creating a backup copy in the temporary folder when this destination volume is actually not writable.
    • Argentum Backup no longer displays critical error messages asking to insert a disk, when the removable volume is not available.
  • * The application icon has been changed. Other icons have also been updated with a few new images to support Windows XP smooth (alpha-transparent) icon look and feel.
  • * The tasks panel can now include two columns of task icons. It automatically resizes itself depending on the number of active tasks.
  • * The folder selection dialog is now easier to use with the last selected folder being remembered.
  • * Smoother-moving progress bar when backing up to the removable drives. More accurate detection of removable drives.
  • - Various visual tweaks and improvements.

January 20, 2004, Release 2.10

  • + Zip64 is now supported! In addition to supporting the original Zip file format, Argentum Backup now supports the 64-bit extensions (Zip64) to the Zip file format. The extended format lets you back up your data in Zip files of virtually unlimited size. The original Zip file format limited the number of member files in a Zip file to 65,535, and the maximum size of both the Zip file itself and any member item to 4 gigabytes. For all practical purposes, the 64-bit extended format eliminates all these restrictions. Argentum Backup remains fully compatible with the original file format and uses the original Zip format whenever possible. In order to extract from and browse Zip backup copies such large, you may need to upgrade your Zip utility to the most recent version that supports Zip64 extensions. WinZip 9 is one of those utilities and fully supports Zip64 format.
  • ! Major interior changes. All new backup engine, written in pure C++ language, copyrighted by Argentum Corporation. Argentum Backup no longer depends on legacy, non-optimized code, namely InfoZip! The new backup engine, code-named ZipMore, covers more ground than ever before and controls both file copying mode and Zip compression mode. ZipMore has originally been introduced to support existing Zip64 extensions and prepare for upcoming WinZip 9 AES-256 extensions, but, as an extra effect, backups are faster and more reliable now. Actually, Argentum Backup is the first backup software program of its class to support the newest Zip64 extensions!
  • + Argentum Backup now accurately logs all of the skipped files, both in file copying mode and in Zip compression mode. The file may get skipped during backup operation due to either the file or any portion of the file has been exclusively locked by another process by the time backup operation runs.
  • * A simple preliminary check is now performed on the destination prior to making a backup. This increases the stability of backup operation, especially when the destination is either a removable media, like floppy disk or CD, or a network location, that may currently be unavailable.
  • * The temporary backup files are no longer created on the removable media during backup operation. All backups that go to the removable media, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CD and DVD drives, are now created on your hard drive first, in the temporary folder, a special default location for all temporary files on your computer. They are then moved to the required location on the removable disk.
    • This increases the stability of removable media backups, i. e. floppy, CD, DVD backups.
    • It also removes former limitations on free space for backup updates, thereby you can use all the available space on the removable media.
    • It also speeds up the things noticeably.
    All in all, if you have had problems with the removable media in the past, you may want to try backing up over again with the new version, and see the difference.
  • * The My Documents backup template no longer includes My Music and My Videos locations by default. Those folders usually take up a lot of space, and they are therefore recommended to be taken care separately. This is the default behaviour, and you can easily change it by simply fixing a few lines in the list of folders to back up.
  • - The activation module of Argentum Backup no longer depends on network adapters, both physical and virtual, installed on the system. Argentum Backup no longer invalidates current activation state after dynamic change of MAC network address on computers with broadband, DSL, ISDN and other high-speed Internet connections, laptops with wireless access points and other computers with dynamically configured network adapters.
  • - Various tweaks and bug-fixes.

February 23, 2003, Release 2.00

  • ! A new licensing engine that works in conjunction with a special corporate activation server.
  • ! The way passwords are stored in the registry has been changed. Please check and reenter your passwords.
  • * Stacking limit has been extended with a few new options and a new upper bound. You are now able to keep stacked copies of up to 300 days long.
  • + Icon in the tray got dynamic! Motion on that icon will help you monitor periods of backup activity.
  • + Tray balloon tooltips for Microsoft Windows 2000/ME/XP users in case of a problem.
  • + A new template to support Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/XP personal folders and Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP address book, shortcuts, rules and other settings.
  • * Log output format is now in additional conformity to CSS level one specification. This leads to a better rendering in today's CSS-compliant browsers, like Opera, Mozilla and others.
  • * Filtering functionality improved. Including and excluding file masks can now be combined and intermixed. A new kind of masks, path excluding masks, are now available to exclude certain folders and files.
  • * File copying mode tweaks to recreate folder attributes more accurately.
  • * More accurate logging and reporting of stacking events.
  • * Minor interface changes.
  • - Bug-fixes.

October 12, 2002, Release 1.90

  • ! Price structure for corporate, multiple licenses revised.
  • + We have finally incorporated event logging into Argentum Backup, which now carefully records all its backup activity and problems found, to the backup log file. There is also a handy reporting engine available, hence no need for you to look through the hard-to-examine textual log files. All the information is at your fingertips and is available in the form of a nice HTML report with ergonomic headings, grouped elements and easy-to-read formatting. It turned out to be a high-demand feature, as provided by users' feedback.
  • * File copying improved. It now preserves file attributes for both files and folders.
  • * A new button to access the backup store folder with the Explorer instantly.
  • * More compliance in regard to Windows XP themes.
  • * Minor changes in the graphical user interface (GUI).

January 1, 2002, Release 1.80

  • + Argentum Backup features a fully skinned look and feel under Windows XP. Check this out!
  • + A high-demand feature implemented. You are now able to specify an exact time of the day for daily backup and all day-granular backups.
  • * "Windows registry" template improved. It now supports Windows ME, system policies and multi-user Windows 98/ME configurations.
  • * Schedule timer resolution increased up to a degree of one minute. This affects accuracy of scheduling.
  • * Minor tweaks to the scheduling code implemented. The scheduling agent now maintains stability after possible incorrect changes of system time, e. g. jumps to the future and backwards.
  • * The file copying mode improved. It now copies files that have been already opened by other programs in non-exclusive mode. It also calls CopyFileEx system routine for file copying when running under Windows NT/2000/XP. This kindly preserves extended attributes, OLE structured storage, NTFS data streams, and file attributes.
  • * In file copying mode, you are now able to copy files over 4 GB in size. The total size of all files in the task can be as much as 4,294,967,295 GB. All possible limitations regarding file copying have been removed.
  • * Zip compression engine stability improvements.
  • * Some icons replaced. Some icons added.
  • * Minor tweaks to the user interface.
  • - A few minor bugs fixed.

July 4, 2001, Release 1.70

  • + Password protection introduced.
  • * We have further improved Zip compression engine within our product by using code profiling. From now it is probably the fastest Zip compression engine available on the market.
  • ! Registry options are now stored a bit different comparing to the previous releases. If you're upgrading, please check up your settings after upgrade.
  • * A number of tweaks with the user interface, e. g. a new dimmed task view, new registration dialog, rearranged buttons and so on.
  • * Correction to "My Messenger contacts and messages" template to improve support for AIM messenger.
  • * Since this release "My Backups" folder is the default setting for the backup store. This folder is automatically created under "My Documents" folder.
  • - A number of tweaks that concern usability in general. A division into simple and advanced modes temporarily removed. Options page redesigned both for the program and for tasks.
  • * Changes in help file.
  • * A few minor improvements to the backup engine.

May 1, 2001, Release 1.60

  • + A raw, synchronized file copying introduced. Overall four backup methods are now available: raw file copying, fast, optimal and tight Zip compression.
  • + A new "My Messenger contacts and messages" template introduced. Formerly only ICQ messenger which is popular in Europe was supported. Since this release the template now supports MSN messenger and Yahoo! messenger and AOL messenger, in addition to ICQ messenger. These last three messengers are widely spread in North America.
  • + "My E-mail contacts and messages" template now supports The Bat! mailer.
  • + Backup man from the front window is now alive! We have put him into action. See if he could get even trickier in the future!
  • * Basic error handling and reporting added to the report bar.
  • * The scheduling is now three times more accurate. The scheduling timer resolution has been increased up to five minutes.
  • * Compilation of large file lists during Zip operations is 10% - 20% faster now.
  • * Improved support for UNC-styled pathnames.
  • * Corrections in documentation.
  • - Fixed a problem with backing up entire drives starting from the root folder.
  • - Fixed invalid progress bar reporting, like negative progress numbers and progress numbers over 100.
  • - Fixed general protection faults on NTFS partitions, appearing under certain circumstances. We have also performed a lot of various tests under NTFS to ensure a highest possible stability when running Argentum Backup with that file system.
  • - Another few minor bugs fixed.

January 30, 2001, Release 1.50

  • ! License agreement revised. Price structure for corporate multiple licenses revised.
  • + A division into simple and advanced modes performed.
  • + Backup stacking introduced. With that stacking you are now able to hold multiple backup copies of a single task in the store. Stacking is customizable as well as optional, and is available in advanced mode only.
  • + File masks introduced. Power users will benefit from both including and excluding specific files. Full wildcards support and generic mask templates are available.
  • + The most wanted feature - changing backup store location for individual tasks - added to the advanced mode.
  • * Progress bar smoother reporting.
  • - An environment strings are now expanded in templates code. This fixes some issues with location recognition for templates.
  • * From now, the selection will stay after removing tasks from the task list.
  • * From now, the selection will stay after removing items from the file list.
  • * Corrections in documentation to reflect changes.
  • - Minor spelling corrections in documentation.
  • - A few resource leaks corrected.
  • - A few minor bugs fixed.

October 30, 2000, Release 1.00

  • ! First public release.

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