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Reselling & Affiliating

We're much interested in mutually beneficial relationships and long-term partnering with software resellers and computer technology OEM's. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or offers.

Additionally, our affiliate program is an opportunity for everyone to earn money by promoting our software. If you own or manage a web-site, you can participate in our affiliate program. We welcome anyone, from people maintaining a small personal home page to magazines, portals, and larger software libraries. For every sale you generate, you earn up to 50% of the sale amount! This rate is extremely favorable, granting an overall successful purchase-to-download rate of our products. We also provide our affiliates with custom software builds to ensure their credit.

Argentum has partnered with FastSpring, one of the biggest and most reputable e-commerce solution companies in the USA, to offer you the best affiliate program possible. Participation in our affiliate program is simple. Your site will go through a brief review process to make sure that you have a valid home page from which to promote our products. After that, you will be sent instructions on how to access your personal administration area.


Argentum Software DVD includes the latest installation packages of our software products: MyFiles, Backup, Coolbase, and MoodBook, as well as the complete set of MoodBook art collections. Having hard copies of software on hand makes distribution and installation on many computers more comfortable and it also saves you your download time! In addition, the DVD-ROM includes our company media-kit and a number of high-resolution, colorful pictures of the places we live. Most pictures are sights of sunsets, landscapes, flowers and architecture. They look genuinely nice, so you can put any of them on your desktop. The DVD-ROM is shipped to you via air mail, packaged in DVD box, decorated with genuine cover art graphics. You can either include it with your order as an option, or order it independently. The DVD-ROM is currently out of stock.


Upgrade policy

As a registered customer, you are entitled to obtain free upgrades during one year from the date of purchase. This means that during one year you can download and install the latest versions of the software, and the license keys that you received from us when you purchased the software will work with the latest product releases as well. If you purchased the software more than one year ago, you are no longer entitled to free upgrades. However, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version at a special, greatly discounted price, and this upgrade will allow you to get free upgrades for another full year:

 Argentum MyFiles Upgrade   $22 / € 19 / £15

 Argentum Backup Upgrade   $25 / € 19 / £15

 Argentum Coolbase Upgrade   $22 / € 19 / £15

If you don't want to purchase an upgrade, you can use the product forever, as it will never expire. You just won't be able to use the latest, most recent version. Contrary to this upgrade policy, support for the product is provided without time restrictions and has no expiry.


Exclusive offers

There are opportunities to get full versions of MyFiles, Backup, and Coolbase, and any of MoodBook art packs for free:

  • You can get the full version of any of our products for free, in exchange for a permanent link to the product page from your web-site, which must first be approved. If your site is information-intensive, then there is a good chance that your link will be approved. You will have to place a few short lines of text along with the link, and optionally a small picture. There are additional requirements for this option, so you first need to contact us to discuss specific details about your web-site.
  • Our products are free for any public relations person, including but not limited to, reviewers, columnists, news reporters, and editors from any kind of traditional and electronic media. If you represent or work for a computer or technology magazine, if you manage a popular web-site, or publish a news-letter, you are welcome to send us a request and get your free, fully-functional copy of software.
  • Our products are free for long-time company supporters. These are people who help us in building trust and brand awareness spreading the word about our software and services. If you like our software and feel confident about sharing your belief with others, then you have the right to use the software for free. Share your belief with others. Simply tell people about your favorite program. Let them know!

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