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Glenn O'Dell

I have been searching for a good file cataloging program for some time and so far yours works the best.

Shawn Tartaglia

Thank you for having the insight to create such a program.

Alexander Letzas, Software Engineer

My opinion: the main problem today is management of the information which explosively increases (and so do the files on my hard disk). I always wonder that there are no useful tools to manage this information tidy. For me the problem of managing the information is so important, that it should be solved by an implementation in the file system of the OS. The file system itself should be a kind of a comfortable database. Argentum MyFiles seems to be the tool that helps out of this calamity.

David Robertson

I like to save the original installation files for my favorite programs offline. The main thing I like about Argentum MyFiles is its flexibility, especially in terms of how much and what kind of information to display with each file. With MyFiles, I can decide on a file-by-file basis what info, if any, I wish to display, and where it comes from. This I really like. From what little I have seen of your software so far, I am really impressed, and will be happy to recommend it to my friends.

Dave, Dave Central

The Dave-Man isn't the most organized person in the world. I keep a lot of files saved on compact discs for backup and storage purposes, but I often find it impossible to keep track of what I have on each CD. There are just too many files to list on the CD or CD cover. Argentum MyFiles not only lets me keep track of what files are on each CD, it keeps detailed information about each file such as the date it was created, what it is about, etc.

If you have to work with a lot of files, especially if those files are spread out over different off-line libraries, Argentum MyFiles might be the most useful tool you could have on your computer. It is an organizer that catalogs all of your files, making it easy to find just the file you need without having to search fruitlessly for hours.

You can keep detailed information about each file you work with using Argentum MyFiles. For example, you could include the date that the file was created, what it pertains to, the names of the people that worked on the file, and many other useful bits of information. Catalog each floppy or CD that you have, and then just file them away in order on your shelf. If you ever need a file from one of them, Argentum MyFiles will tell you exactly which one it is on, saving you countless hours of searching.

This file organizer has many other useful features, too. You can view the contents packaged inside of most ZIP and RAR files, two of the most popular types of archives. You can also view the contents of distributive packages such as those created with InstallShield 3 or 5 and Microsoft Cabinet Compressor. These features make it incredibly easy to keep up with your files, even if you have them archived. This program is extremely useful and easy to use. The only limit to what you can do with it may be your own imagination, so download it and give it a try.

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Argentum™ Backup

Ron Gittleman

Basically, I wanted to be able to specify folders and files to be backed up, the backup destination, and that compression be used. I did not need something that watches for modified files etc. I tried the demo and it was exactly what I was looking for, the price was right and the rest is history.

Carlos Rivera

The main thing is ease of use. I could do the same thing by writing batch files using PowerArchiver or WinZip, but your program is very easy to use and handles the Zip compression very easily. I don't have to bother with changing the batch files whenever I want to add or delete files. Your product has one purpose and it does it extremely well.

Bruce Wilkinson, Systems Provider

Ultra simple user interface for clients that have no capacity to understand the need for backup. If it is this simple they can do it. This combined with an easy to use setup makes it very usable for me as a systems provider. A very tasteful design (and this is not a small feature to me). Ugly software and bad design has driven me from many products. I do not find it comforting or stimulating to work in front of a rotting compost and I find it even less so faced with bad art and tasteless design in software. Life has too little art. Thank you for your contribution.

Robert Cunningham

Ever since my wife and kids started using my computer I needed a backup program that is reliable, automatic and easy to use. I downloaded many many of backup programs and tried them all. All in all Argentum Backup is a perfect program for me and in my opinion an overall outstanding program. I have told all my friends about it and gave a lot of them the demo to evaluate on their own.

Fernand Ouellette

One of the best things I liked about Argentum Backup was that it simply creates a Zip file. It doesn't use a file format that may not be compatible with other machines or that requires software from the Iomega, etc. For example, if my home computer crashed and I was using Microsoft Backup for Windows 98, I couldn't open the files at work while my home computer was being repaired, since my PC at work uses Windows NT, which isn't compatible with Microsoft Backup for Windows 98. In short, I like the fact that it uses a format I can quickly open on any machine without trying to find and load software. Great, simple, intuitive product. Thanks.

Anthony Game

I tried it and loved it at once. I liked the pared-down nature of the concept and the obviously tight coding which one so seldom sees now. It felt like old assembler coding used to feel and the slim use of resources meant that I could leave it running to schedule without concern about slowing other things down. I have suggested it to several other people and I shall continue to praise your program of course.

Ann Barnes

It was so simple, so small, and so very basic that even the user I want to be in charge of it at my former work site can do it!

Henry Clymer

As you know, the backup utility in Windows XP Pro is clumsy, prone to unpredictable errors, and not usable across different platforms. I spent almost half a day on the Internet yesterday testing different backup programs and comparing prices and features. I became aware of Argentum Backup 1.8 from the ZDNet Downloads site. Even though I was pissed that the best features were blocked from the trial version, I knew I had to have it because of its simplicity, speed, and elegant interface. Compared to the trash offered by others, $25 is a bargain for this application! Best regards.

Rob Buurveld

Can't remember where I found Backup, was browsing for a backup program and found yours. I like it because it's simple but does the job, making backups without me having to go through all kinds of stupid options I never use anyway. I like the user interface, nice and simple. The only option I miss is a log-file so I can easily check when I made which backup. Other than that it's a great program.

Bill McGrath

I especially like just answering a series of questions with the "Next>" button. You can be working the software without even reading the manual. Plus the interface is very neat and crisp.

John Guthrie

I am going to use Argentum Backup in preference to NTI Backup Now! CD-RW because the latter has a proprietary file format which means you need the NTI Backup Now! program to do the restoring and I found the restoring process to be a little inflexible. I much prefer the Argentum's Zip format which means I can use one of several programs to do the restore. I like the ease of defining a task.

Finally, I am 61 years old and have been ripped off several times in this long life (and probably even more times that I don't know about) and hence I firmly believe in and support the shareware principle. Thank you for letting me try before I buy. I wish you all a happy and successful New Year.

John Phillips

I first read about Argentum Backup in an impressive tutorial article in PC User, March 2003, and downloaded a free copy of your program from the magazine CD, on to my computer. At the time, I had recently bought another computer to update to Windows XP, and being a bit scared of modern technology (I am 76 years of age!), decided to wait until familiar with the new machine before trying the Argentum Backup program. A week ago, I was able to trial it and was so impressed by the ease of use, even for a beginner like me, that I immediately sent off a request for 2 licenses - one for each machine, and have since been delighted by your response. Unbelievable service, thank you, and I look forward to future backing up with much confidence!

Walter Bruning

It is really nice to deal with a company that is personal and caring of the customer. Your backup software is simple enough for my wife to use, a complete newbie. It will teach her good habits about backing up her important work.

Karen Carroll

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I tried the demo version and within 5 minutes of loading it I was sure that I would purchase. I did! It is so simple and easy to use I can't imagine what you could do to improve on it! My thanks go to you for the development of such a wonderful and easy to use product.

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Jerry Timerius

I'm buying your program this evening, since its functions are so innovative and customizable! I've been using Treepad for quite a while, but have found Coolbase to be even better suited my needs. This is a big thing to me because I've been using Treepad since day one! You'll be hearing more from me. Thanks.

Mike Smith, Scientist

The more I play with Argentum Coolbase the more I see its potential for information storage and retrieval. I had, oddly enough, been thinking about designing something in Access for dendritic information storage but thought it would take far to long for my poor programming skills to cobble together. Argentum Coolbase is fast and small which is a pleasant surprise nowadays.

Nathan Coulter

I have been following the development of Argentum Coolbase since the initial release back in June. Even though I'm not a programmer, Coolbase seems to be the information manager of my dreams. Congratulations to your team for developing such a remarkable product! I have never seen such a wonderfully flexible program, and even though I'm not a programmer at all, I get the feeling that the code is exquisite.

Terry Vogler, Engineering Manager

We are a wireless engineering firm and have a moderate amount of very valuable data to manage, such as digital maps. We have started populating a database and found that it did nearly everything we want. And the price was not a stopping block. Since we are putting a large amount of time and data into this database, we figured it was just better to register it to activate the support and expand the product's record capacity.

Max Enfield

I carefully browsed many packages and downloaded three programs for trial before selecting Coolbase. As a person who in an earlier life was a computer programmer, having arrived there via a mathematics major, I find tree structures elegant, powerful in their flexibility and naturally suit the top down way in which I organize my data.

Anne Stieber

I chose Argentum Coolbase for use by my mission director. He was looking for a package where he could search his notes on a keyword. He also wanted it to be very quick at searching. Yours was the only package I could find which seemed to meet his requirement. Many thanks.

Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

What do you want to catalog today? Stamps, stickers, or stuffed animals with Styrofoam beans stuck inside of them? It doesn't matter what you enjoy collecting - Argentum Coolbase will help you keep them organized. It's a database management system designed for maximum flexibility with data entry. The tree-like structure is straightforward and practical. Infophiliacs need not fear this program.

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In the Media

Apart from the Internet, the online software libraries and search engines, many of our users got to know us from traditional offline media, including printed magazines, news-papers, radio and TV news blocks. Here are some of the published printed publications we know of, undoubtedly there are more:

    1. ComputerPress (Russian Federation)
    2. MTV WebCharts (Italy)
    3. PC Tip (Switzerland)
    4. TechTV (USA)
    5. Computer Totaal (Netherlands)
    6. Computerra (Russian Federation)
    7. NetGuide (Australia)
    8. NetGuide (New Zealand)
    9. PC Plus (United Kingdom)
    10. Windows XP Magazine (United Kingdom)
    11. PC Active (Netherlands)
    12. PC Magazine (Italy)
    13. PC Answers (United Kingdom)
    14. PC World (Czech Republic)
    15. PC User (Australia)
    16. PC World (Poland)
    17. Windows XP Answers (United Kingdom)
    18. Hjemme PC (Norway)
    19. PC World (United Kingdom)
    20. Smart Computing (USA)
    21. PC Chip (Chroatia)
    22. PC Magazine (USA)
    23. Windows .NET (United Kingdom)
    24. PC World (USA)
    25. PC Chip (Turkey)
    26. Informatica (Portugal)
    27. PC World (Australia)
    28. PC Magazine (Russian Federation)
    29. PC Magazine (United Kingdom)
    30. Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong)
    31. Wall Street Journal (USA)
    32. ComputerActive (United Kingdom)
    33. PC World (New Zealand)
    34. PC Pro (United Kingdom)
    35. PC Utilities (United Kingdom)

We would like to thank all of you for the support you provided throughout the years. In case you are new to Argentum products please read on.

If you represent or work for a computer or technology magazine, if you manage a web-site, or publish a news-letter, we invite you to take a look at our company's media kit, which is primarily intended for disk editors, reviewers, columnists, news reporters and editors from any kind of traditional and electronic media. The media kit includes all of the latest company press-releases, a number of screenshots in polygraphic quality, company logo, high-quality cover art graphics, basic company profile, tutorials to help you write a review, and a number of attractive small pictures optimized for the Web, and finally, a few special offers for magazines and members of the press.

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