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March 1, 2003

Welcome to the latest issue of the Argentum Newsletter, which will bring you up to date on what we have done over the recent weeks to further upgrade our software and services. A more detailed list of events is available at http://www.argentuma.com/news.html. As always we would love to hear your feedback at .


Argentum Corporation,
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  1. Backup 2.00 is released.
  2. MyFiles 2.30 is on the way!
  3. Affiliate program.

Backup 2.00 is released.

The new release of Argentum Backup has recently been uploaded. The most notable improvements for this release are:

  • A new licensing engine.
  • Stacking limits extended.
  • Path excluding masks.
  • A new template to support Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, XP.
  • Icon in the tray got dynamic.

A more detailed log of what's new is available at:


You are welcome to download your copy from:


If you purchased your license prior to February 23, 2002 you are welcome to purchase an upgrade at an exclusive, low price at:


Otherwise, please feel free to contact us to request a new license key as the registration system has been changed in this release and all existing keys have become invalid.

MyFiles 2.30 is on the way!

The next release of our award-winning cataloging product, MyFiles, is under heavy development. Features you can expect are:

  • XML and CSV export.
  • Binary properties are back.
  • HTML output is in additional conformity to CSS specification.
  • Minor usability improvements.

Share your ideas with us! Please send them to . We'd much appreciate your feedback.

Affiliate program.

We thought this might be of interest to you. If not, then just skip the following paragraphs. As a dedicated vendor of RegNow! (WA, USA) we have an affiliate program which is a great opportunity for you to earn money by promoting our software. If you own or manage a web-site or have an access to a targeted audience, we invite you to participate in our affiliate program. We welcome anyone, from people maintaining a small personal home page to magazines, portals, or OEM's. For every sale you generate, you earn 15% to 30% of the sale amount. These rates are quite favourable, having in mind an overall successful conversion rate of our products.

As outlined above, Argentum has partnered with RegNow!, one of the biggest and most reputable order-processing companies in the USA, to offer you the best affiliate service possible. Participation in our affiliate program is simple and free. Your submission will go through a brief review process. After that, you will be sent instructions on how to access your personal administration area. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.

That's all for now. If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your e-mail address, just answer this e-mail provided that your e-mail address is included in the body of the message. We currently do not have this system automated, but will process your request promptly, by hand. Please, feel free to contact with any questions or comments you may have.

Best regards,

Argentum Corporation,
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