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November 22, 2006

We welcome you in the latest issue of Argentum Newsletter! This time with a new, updated release of Argentum Backup 2.60. We welcome any feedback you may have. Just send us an e-mail at .


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  1. Argentum Backup 2.60!
  2. Art of Rembrandt.

Argentum Backup 2.60!

The latest and greatest Argentum Backup 2.60 hits the streets. If you purchased your license after October 1st, 2004, you're recommended to upgrade, as this is free of charge. If you purchased your license prior to that date, you may want to look at the list of new features, and decide for yourself if you want to upgrade or not. This newest release features a number of improvements and modifications:

  • A new scheduling option to control whether to resume missed backup tasks or not.
  • E-mail template has been improved for Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail.
  • A new version of C++ compiler and latest version of C++ STL library.
  • Improved stability and performance.

Check the detailed list of what's new and improved at:

Download your copy now at:

Important! Please note that you will have to re-activate your copy after installation. Re-activation is easy, just get a new activation key either automatically - by clicking a button on the last page of the activation wizard, or manually - by submitting the required details at:

All possible questions regarding activation and re-activation are addressed at:

Should you have any questions about re-activation please read the above document carefully. You don't need to contact us in order to get a new activation key. The process if fully automatic, and is served by our activation server in 24/7 mode, i. e. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Art of Rembrandt

A new art wallpaper collection for your desktop has been released by MoodBook. It features paintings of famous artist Rembrandt. Rembrandt is generally considered to be one of the greatest painters in European art history and the most important painter in Dutch history. Rembrandt is known as a painter of light and shade and as an artist who favoured an uncompromising realism. No artist ever combined more delicate skill with more energy and power.

In all, Rembrandt produced over 600 paintings, 300 etchings, and 2,000 drawings. He was a prolific painter of self-portraits, producing almost a hundred of them throughout his long career. Together they give a remarkably clear picture of the man, his appearance, and - more importantly - his deeper being, as revealed by his face. The core of Rembrandt's creative work consists of biblical, historical, mythological, and allegorical paintings. Get this art pack now to excite, inspire, and educate yourself!

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