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March 10, 2004

Welcome to the latest issue of Argentum Newsletter. This issue is rather short, informal and kinda off-the-topic, yet includes some very interesting links for you to explore, especially if you like music, have MyFiles on your computer, and want to organize your digital music collection. Additional news blocks are available at:


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  1. Argentum MyFiles. Music. MP3. XML. XHTML. And more...
  2. Pet Shop Boys. A tribute to art.

Music. MP3. MyFiles. XML. XHTML. And more...

Lately we have uploaded a large amount of content to the MoodBook's web-site, namely the XHTML version of the MP3 music catalog. It is available at:


The catalog features many popular groups and artists, such as Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Enigma, and more! The catalog partially includes biographies, pictures, and discographies. It also includes a special section devoted to modern trance music, featuring the brightest trance and house DJ talents from all over the world:


A special article covering the technologies we use to create and publish this music catalog online, is also available. It is intended to unveil the power of music cataloging with Argentum MyFiles, a disk cataloger and file organizer, as well as, to give people some basic information on XML, XSLT and XHTML:


...it's clear now, the future of computing is XML, XSLT, and other XML applied technologies. The future of Internet is XHTML and CSS. We use Argentum MyFiles ($35) to browse, search, catalog and organize our MP3 music collection. With MyFiles' built-in XML exchange module, we export the entire file catalog into XML database, then the XML data is post-processed and split it into a number of files. We use XSLT transformation to transform raw XML files into well-formed XHTML documents. They are then ready to upload to our ultra-fast Microsoft Windows 2003 web-server in Chicago, USA...

Pet Shop Boys. A tribute to art.

As a part of the music catalog from above, the most complete Pet Shop Boys' biography is compiled and available at:


Pet Shop Boys is an English pop-group. The Pet Shop Boys' smart and utterly danceable music established them among the most commercially and critically successful groups of their era. Always remaining one step ahead of their contemporaries, the British duo navigated the constantly shifting landscape of modern dance-pop with grace and intelligence, moving easily from disco to house to techno with their own distinctive image remaining completely intact. The group's eleven previous albums have achieved gold, platinum and multi-platinum status in many countries. A truly worldwide success story.

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