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January 10, 2004

We welcome you in the New Year 2004! This time with a new product, MoodBook. If you have not yet checked it out, take a look at:


One more art pack has been added recently and is now available at:


The latest issue of the Argentum Newsletter will bring you up to date with what we have done over the recent weeks to improve our software and services. Read on.


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  1. Argentum Backup 2.1.
  2. FAQ update. What if I can't back up to my CD/DVD device?

Argentum Backup 2.1.

A new version of Argentum Backup, based on our new backup engine ZipMore, is now available. Formally it is still in beta-testing, but we can now recommend all of you to upgrade, as it has passed intensive testing for the last couple of months and we've found no problems. Download your copy at:


This newest release features lots of internal improvements and modifications, to name a few:

  • A new, ultra-fast backup engine, code-named ZipMore.
  • Zip64 multi-gigabyte backups. 64-bit extensions to the Zip format.
  • Activation module issues fixed.
  • Improvements and optimizations for removable media backups.
  • More accurate event logging.

Check the complete list of what's new and improved at:


Important! Please note that you'll have to re-activate your copy. Re-activation is easy, just get a new activation key either automatically - by clicking a button on the last page of activation dialog box, or manually - by submitting the required details at:


Please note, you do not need to contact us in order to get a new activation key! All you have to do is to submit your license key along with a new computer key. Your license key is what important and what identifies you as a customer of ours. You do not need to store or write down your activation key, you just need to keep track of your license key.

FAQ update.

We have recently updated our FAQ for Argentum Backup. This FAQ is made up of those questions people tend to ask more frequently amongst all questions that arise. It's not one of those fabricated FAQ's available on the Internet from various backup software vendors. They just list casual questions and answer them on the Web, thinking doing so will help their customers. Contrary, our FAQ is the essential collection of hot questions that relate to Argentum Backup.


We have updated most of the answers. Some were removed, some are new to read. For example we've updated 'Will Argentum Backup back up to my CD/DVD drive?' with new information on Mt. Rainier technology and EasyWrite-enabled CD/DVD drives. We have also added:

  • What if I can't back up to my CD/DVD device?

First, you can back up to your computer's hard drive and still be protected, especially with stacking enabled. If your computer is part of the network, you can back up to a networked drive on another computer. But what if you want external backups and don't have a working packet writing driver installed, nor you have a CD/DVD drive with integral EasyWrite support? There are three possible workarounds.

  • Simply cease to use CD/DVD as a direct target for backup operations. Set up Argentum Backup to run your daily and hourly tasks and let it create backups to your hard drive automatically. Every week or month, burn backup copies created with Argentum Backup to your CD/DVD device manually, with your favorite recording software or Windows XP built-in recording feature.
  • If only it's really necessary to create automatic CD/DVD backups, consider buying the packet writing tool. For example, Ahead company sells its Nero Burning ROM suite for only $ 50. This package includes many useful components, including the InCD packet writing software. We have tested Nero InCD thoroughly, and are happy to recommend it! We're not affiliated with Nero in any way, and can't fully avouch for it, though.
  • Apart from the conservative CD and DVD devices, there are a lot of affordable, alternative backup storage devices which are often better, faster and more reliable! If you need automatic external backups, consider good alternatives to CD/DVD devices. There are a lot of cheap USB flash memory sticks available on the market today. They are fast, easy, portable, compact and easily can handle up to 1 GB of data. For larger volumes of data, consider external USB hard drives as they have much greater capacity than a single CD or DVD. After all, CD and DVD are great for maintaining a collection of discs, but not for regular backups, at least until EasyWrite is available with your drive or you have a packet writing software.

Read it all at http://www.argentuma.com/backup/faq.html and ask more questions at if you have any.

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