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September 21, 2003

Welcome to the special issue of Argentum Newsletter, featuring the release of authentic Argentum Software CD-ROM. First, thanks to all of you who have participated in the latest poll about future projects. We really appreciate your feedback and consider our customers the most precious estate of ours. In this issue we have an exciting announcement for you, please read it below. Additional news blocks are available at http://www.argentuma.com/news.html. As always we would love to hear your feedback at .


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  1. Argentum Software CD-ROM. It's authentic. It's argentic.
  2. What makes us different?

Argentum Software CD-ROM. It's authentic. It's argentic.

We received many requests from our users to make our software available for shipping on the CD. Customers want to have a hard copy on hand, for backup purposes and easier distribution and installation. Well, we are proud to announce the release of our company CD-ROM, decorated and packed with lots of interesting stuff.

The CD-ROM includes the latest versions of our software products: MyFiles, Backup and Coolbase. In addition, it includes our company press-kit and a number of high-resolution, colorful pictures of the places we live, taken with high-quality digital photo camera. Most of the pictures are sights of sunsets, landscapes, flowers and architecture. They look genuinely nice so you can put any of them on your desktop. There are 50 pictures like these on the CD!

The CD-ROM is shipped to you via air mail, packaged in a jewel box, decorated with cover art graphics. The usual shipping time is 5 days for USA and Canada, 7 days for Europe and Australia and 14 days for Middle East and Africa. Order your copy today!

Be sure this is a perfect gift for you and your friends, so you may want to order a few copies to share it with your friends and family. If you don't want to order several copies, you are still free to distribute your own copy to whatever number of computers or pass it to any number of friends, as it contains no private or licensing information anyway.

What makes us different?

According to Jack Trout, renowned US marketing specialist, we must either differentiate ourselves or die. So what makes Argentum Backup different to other backup software? Top five reasons why Argentum Backup is better than other backup products:

  • Extremely user-friendly. The most intuitive backup program ever.
  • Extremely small, fast and reliable.
  • Simply creates Zip files.
  • A rich set of built-in backup templates.
  • Argentum Backup is cheap but good.

Check the detailed explanation here:


There is a lot of new and interesting information there, so you might want to forward this block of text along with the link and discount coupon code to your friends and associates. An exclusive discount coupon code for you and your friends is:


Why Argentum Backup is so inexpensive? In short, we are able to survive without expensive advertising. Our primary distribution channel is word of mouth and our primary business strategy is quality. We are offering you to try Argentum Backup free of charge for 15 days. Would we do this if our product was bad? Unlikely. Now use this opportunity! Download and order your copy today! More information on this topic is available at:


Best regards,

Argentum Corporation,
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