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July 26, 2003

Argentum Corporation,
(206) 337-1724


  1. Recent vacation and recent problems...
  2. Coolbase 2.3 hits the streets!
  3. Poll impromptu.

Recent vacation and recent problems...

We recently had a vacation and during that vacation we had lost most of the e-mail messages we lately received. If you contacted us lately and have not yet got an answer, please do us a favour - resubmit your request to make sure we received it. More information about our vacation, web-site access problems and our new, lighting-fast hosting provider is available at:


Coolbase 2.3 hits the streets!

Argentum Coolbase 2.3 is now available for download. Download your copy directly from:


What's new for the latest release?

XML and CSV export facilities are now available. While HTML publishing is good for most of the purposes of visual presentation, XML and CSV are ideal if you need to export Coolbase tree into information-centric, structured presentation. XML and CSV are better than HTML in case that you need to export Coolbase trees into another database program, spreadsheet or plain text format.

HTML output format is now in additional conformity to CSS level one specification. This leads to a better rendering in today's CSS-compliant browsers, like Opera, Mozilla and others.

A number of bug-fixes and minor interface improvements.

Detailed information about Argentum Coolbase information organizer is available at:


Poll impromptu.

We have to decide on what to do next. It is a very tough question to decide, though it may not seem so at first sight. What would you be interested the most?

1. ZipMore

Categories: Utilities/File and Disk Management.

A small tool to work with Zip files, pack and unpack them, supporting Zip64 archives and 256-bit encryption. The interface is very similar to the interface of Argentum Backup. A free complement to Argentum Backup.

2. MoodBook

Categories: Eye Candy/Desktop/Wallpaper.

A desktop theme wallpaper utility. It would show subtle shades of color along with the impressionism-styled vector pictures on your desktop, designed to create various mood states. All automatically, it would change the pictures and background colors on the desktop according to the schedule and preferences you set.

To help us plan our activities, please send an answer e-mail with just either of the options:

  • Do not need any of this.
  • 1) sounds appealing to me.
  • 2) sounds appealing to me.
  • Both 1) and 2) sound appealing.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Argentum Corporation,
(206) 337-1724

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