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October 12, 2001

Welcome to the latest issue of the Argentum Newsletter, which will bring you up to date on what we've done in recent months to further upgrade our software and services.

We thought it would be nice if several important changes and improvements to our business be shared with you. We hope you enjoy reading the Argentum Newsletter and welcome any feedback you may have.

It's almost impossible to describe here all the events in chronological order, we therefore just briefly remind you what software we have and what services we offer. A more detailed event log is available for you at http://www.argentuma.com/news.html, just in case you're interested in. You will also find a special upgrade notice for all Infophilia users there.

Registered user may benefit by checking whether he/she has the latest version of software purchased. Any other subscriber may benefit by trying out our new titles to see if they work for him/her.

At this time we are proud to offer you three our main-stream products. We sell the following products and offer their trial copies free for download and free to try. We also provide support for registered users of our software.

Now check yourself to make sure you keep yourself updated:

Backup 1.70

A tray tool to easily back up your documents and folders.

The most important changes in 1.70 release:

  • Password protection has been introduced.
  • Zip compression engine optimizations.
  • A number of tweaks to the user interface.
  • A number of tweaks that concern usability in general.

MyFiles 2.00

A cataloging tool to organize all your files and folders.

The most important changes in 2.00 release:

  • Major improvements to the scanning engine.
  • More archive formats are now internally supported.
  • Major changes to the user interface. A completely new look and feel.
  • Item editing has been simplified.
  • A new search window has been introduced.

Coolbase 2.00

An information organizer with many applications in one body.

The most important changes in 2.00 release:

  • Internal links between tree items.
  • Date and time properties that have a better look and feel.
  • Item editing has been greatly simplified.
  • Numerous tweaks all over the source code.

If you have any comments about the Argentum Newsletter, please e-mail them to . We also need your suggestions for topics that might be of interest to you, so please send them to us too.

Wishing you all the best.

MyFiles, Backup, Coolbase

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