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Glenn O'Dell

I have been searching for a good file cataloging program for some time and so far yours works the best.

Alan Collins

I am a home user, and, being self taught, I began to find keeping control of my files difficult - your product seemed to be what I was looking for. I tried the demo for a short period and felt that it would do the job. It seemed to have the necessary facilities, was user friendly and reasonably priced.

Shawn Tartaglia

Thank you for having the insight to create such a program.

Alexander Letzas, Software Engineer

My opinion: the main problem today is management of the information which explosively increases (and so do the files on my hard disk). I always wonder that there are no useful tools to manage this information tidy. For me the problem of managing the information is so important, that it should be solved by an implementation in the file system of the OS. The file system itself should be a kind of a comfortable database. Argentum MyFiles seems to be the tool that helps out of this calamity.


Dear creators of Argentum MyFiles, congratulations for writing this great proggie!

Igor Trishin, Chief Engineer

We're using your program Argentum MyFiles to keep information about our CD-ROM collection. MyFiles is comfortable, stable, and (the most important) makes it easy for us to search something very fast. It quite differs from other similar programs. At this time there is no need to refuse using it.

Robert Aust

I'm currently playing around a little with your Argentum MyFiles. It really makes a very good impression on me, although I have not yet tried out all features.

David Robertson

I like to save the original installation files for my favorite programs offline. The main thing I like about Argentum MyFiles is its flexibility, especially in terms of how much and what kind of information to display with each file. With MyFiles, I can decide on a file-by-file basis what info, if any, I wish to display, and where it comes from. This I really like. From what little I have seen of your software so far, I am really impressed, and will be happy to recommend it to my friends.

Peggy Carr, Owner, Sir Speedy

We are a Sir Speedy franchise, a small printing and copying business with many jobs going through here every day. Each job is assigned a number - coinciding with the invoice number - and when it's done it is archived to a DVD. When a customer calls and want 500 more of those business cards we printed for them last year, or 5,000 more of the 9x12 envelopes, it's a simple matter to find where they are using "MyFiles". In the old days we hand wrote this information in a binder; in the not-so-old days we would print out the directory of the CD and keep those pages in a binder. Now all we have to do is type in the invoice number and - bingo - it's there! What a life-saver!

SoftSeek Reviewer

Argentum MyFiles is a flexible file cataloging utility with a tree-like interface. Argentum MyFiles can extract file information from compressed archives, including Rar, Zip, Cab and Exe files. You can create a custom database by choosing properties (fields) for each node of the tree. Although primarily designed for cataloging files, Argentum MyFiles can also be used to store and manipulate almost any type of tree-structured data.

Ziff-Davis Reviewer

MyFiles organizes large archives of digital data, such as text, graphics, audio, video, software, and so on. It might take you some time to organize your digital collection using this program, but thereafter you'll find faster access and superior organization. You can organize files, folders, documents, recordings, pictures, and any other type of digital data on different offline and online media, such as CD-ROMs, floppies, and ZIP drives, as well as local and network volumes.

MyFiles lets you organize, scan archives, add, or trim nodes and view details such as file size, CRCs, comments, titles, packed size, and more. The tree view is easy to understand, especially with the illustrative sample data and included descriptive documentation. You'll find clickable icons to launch games, sounds, graphics, and files from any accessible media, plus detailed property displays at your fingertips - not buried in a context menu as in Windows.

Dmitri Touretsky, ListSoft Library

This is a nice cataloging utility which is not tight up to any specific format. In a tree-like structure it can keep texts, graphics, software, etc. It understands most popular file formats and can show you it's content. Works well with large volumes of data.

Dave, Dave Central

The Dave-Man isn't the most organized person in the world. I keep a lot of files saved on compact discs for backup and storage purposes, but I often find it impossible to keep track of what I have on each CD. There are just too many files to list on the CD or CD cover. Argentum MyFiles not only lets me keep track of what files are on each CD, it keeps detailed information about each file such as the date it was created, what it is about, etc.

If you have to work with a lot of files, especially if those files are spread out over different off-line libraries, Argentum MyFiles might be the most useful tool you could have on your computer. It is an organizer that catalogs all of your files, making it easy to find just the file you need without having to search fruitlessly for hours.

You can keep detailed information about each file you work with using Argentum MyFiles. For example, you could include the date that the file was created, what it pertains to, the names of the people that worked on the file, and many other useful bits of information. Catalog each floppy or CD that you have, and then just file them away in order on your shelf. If you ever need a file from one of them, Argentum MyFiles will tell you exactly which one it is on, saving you countless hours of searching.

This file organizer has many other useful features, too. You can view the contents packaged inside of most ZIP and RAR files, two of the most popular types of archives. You can also view the contents of distributive packages such as those created with InstallShield 3 or 5 and Microsoft Cabinet Compressor. These features make it incredibly easy to keep up with your files, even if you have them archived. This program is extremely useful and easy to use. The only limit to what you can do with it may be your own imagination, so download it and give it a try.

Paul Rowlingson, Future Publishing

MyFiles will help you organize your files, ensuring you know exactly what you have and where. With an interface very much like Windows Explorer it looks familiar, and is immediately useable. It can be used to keep track of an entire drive, or simply individual folders. This latter option lets you create catalogues for specific items - music files, photos, software etc.

Simply create a new database, initiate a scan of the necessary drives or folders and then save to a file. When new items are added to this location, simply rescan and the catalogue is instantly updated. Comments can be added to any file you require, and catalogues can be published in HTML format for Internet presentation, e-mailing or printing.

As a catalogue, MyFiles allows the browsing of media content without requiring access to the media. In other words, use it to catalogue the contents of external disks and browse their contents without having to access the actual disk. Powerful search facilities let you quickly locate specific files in large catalogues, with searches possible on everything from program name to publisher. The verdict is - a useful tool for those with a library of files in need of organizing.

Bruce Davis-Goff, NetGuide Magazine

MyFiles does one thing very comprehensively - file cataloguing. It can be used as a "file or music organizer, a family photo-album, a picture catalogue, a document library and more", say the authors. But wait, there's more - by automatically scanning any media or drive, this software builds and saves a searchable catalogue of any large collection of files. Ultimately it means you can browse every CD, DVD, floppy, local or network drive without it actually having to be present. Any volume, folder or file can have additional information attached to it and saved as part of the catalogue. Working with its tree-like, directory-based system is easy and there are nice touches like being able to publish your trees as HTML documents. With the excellent database functions and great searching tools, this software is perhaps significantly more powerful than the authors intended.

Software Reviewer, Smart Computing Magazine

Put your files in MyFiles! The longer you use your computer, the more files you'll accumulate. You'll probably move older documents to external storage, such as CD-R's (CD-recordables), when the clutter on your hard drive gets to be too much. The problem is that after making a few backup CD's, you might have a hard time remembering where you stored a particular photo, song, or spreadsheet. Argentum wants to come to your aid with MyFiles, which can keep track of your files no matter where you've stored them. You'll have to tell it to scan your hard drive, networked drives, and storage media - yes, that means loading CD after CD, but it's necessary. MyFiles can also log files stored inside several types of compressed archives, such as ZIP or RAR. What you'll end up with is a list of files that looks like the expandable directory in Windows Explorer. You can search for a file and open it from within MyFiles, and it will prompt you to insert a CD or other medium if that's where the file resides.

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