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June 4, 2010

MyFiles 2.5 for Windows released!
Keep your files organized!

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Argentum Corporation

Argentum announces the release of MyFiles 2.5, a multi-featured disk cataloging program that helps keep computer files organized. MyFiles can be used as a file organizer, a disk cataloguer, a music organizer, a digital audio MP3 and WMA collection, a family photo album, a picture catalog, a software library, and more. It keeps track of what you have on each CD, DVD, floppy, local or network volume. The information is organized in a portable, tree outline form, where you can keep detailed descriptions with any file or folder you may have in your collection. After building catalogs, you can use a powerful search to locate items, create HTML, XML and CSV reports, browse and access your files directly from within MyFiles.

Dave, a founder and owner of Dave Central software library, writes in his review: "...The Dave man isn't the most organized person in the world. I keep a lot of files saved on compact discs for backup and storage purposes, but I often find it impossible to keep track of what I have on each CD. There are just too many files to list on the CD or CD cover. Argentum MyFiles not only lets me keep track of what files are on each CD, it keeps detailed information about each file such as the date it was created, what it is about, etc. If you have to work with a lot of files, especially if those files are spread out over different offline libraries, MyFiles might be the most useful tool you could have on your computer, making it easy to find just the file you need without having to search fruitlessly for hours..."

This newest release offers an exclusive feature to export file catalogs into XML and CSV. While HTML format is good for most of the purposes of visual presentation, XML and CSV could work better if you need to export MyFiles catalogs into another database program, spreadsheet or plain text using information-centric, structured presentation. The HTML output is now in additional conformity to CSS level one specification, resulting in better rendering in today's CSS-compliant browsers, like Internet Explorer 6, Opera 7, Netscape Navigator 7 and others.

Another notable improvement for this release, is a special activation engine, already available in other Argentum product, Argentum Backup. The activation initiative could help fight down piracy, license misuse, overuse and other fraud issues which are quite common on the Internet nowadays. The activation module itself is very similar to well-known product activation feature found in today's line of Microsoft's most-popular products, including but not limited to Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP.

About Argentum

Founded in 1995, Argentum is a provider of ergonomic software solutions for both businesses and end users. Argentum products, MyFiles, Backup and Coolbase, are distributed and supported worldwide. For more information on Argentum, please visit our company web-site at http://www.argentuma.com/ or browse the company's media-kit.

Argentum Corporation
Seattle, WA, USA


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