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December 15, 2007

During this traditional time of sending greetings, we're glad of the opportunity to let you know that we appreciate our associations with you. As the years go by, we value more and more the pleasure of interacting with those who have become our friends as well as our business associates. We just couldn't make it... Without friends and customers like you! We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the success of our company. May you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always.

Welcome to the latest issue of Argentum Newsletter! This issue announces new wallpaper art by major artists compiled by MoodBook Development (http://www.moodbook.com/) - to let you place pictures of inspiration and beauty directly on your desktop! As always we would love to hear your feedback at .

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  1. Art of Caravaggio.
  2. Art of Goya.

Art of Caravaggio

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571 - 1610), an Italian Baroque artist. He was active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. Caravaggio was considered enigmatic, fascinating, rebellious, and dangerous. Caravaggio was the best exemplar of naturalistic painting in the early 17th century. His use of models from the lower classes of society in his early secular works and later religious compositions appealed to the taste for realism, simplicity, and piety in art.


Many Caravaggio's religious works feature violent struggles, grotesque decapitations, torture and death. Caravaggio was a "wild" and violent painter - screams of terror assume a prominent place in many of Caravaggio's works.

The 12 MB art pack includes 100 high-resolution art images for your desktop.

Art of Goya

Francisco de Goya is an innovative Spanish Romantic painter, one of the triumvirate - including El Greco and Diego Velazquez - of great Spanish masters. Straightforward candor and honesty are present in all Goya's works. In order to understand the scope of Goya's art, and to appreciate the principles which governed his development and tremendous versatility, it is essential to realise that his work extended over a period of more than 60 years, for he continued to draw and paint until his 82nd year.


The 14 MB art pack includes 115 high-resolution art images for your desktop.

The Goya art pack costs $25. If you're one of a registered, licensed customers of ours - if you bought some of the Argentum products or MoodBook art packs in the past, we'd like to deliver this pack to you for free, in appreciation of your being our customer. We really value our relationship with you. Just send us either your license key or your RegNow (tm) order number, and we'll send you the download link along with the activation key for the Francisco de Goya's Art pack within two business days. If this is something you're interested in, please hurry up. We expect to have this offer closed on December 30, 2007.

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