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October 12, 2005

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  1. Argentum Backup 2.50 review in PC Magazine (USA).
  2. 10 years in the life.

Argentum Backup 2.50 review in PC Magazine (USA)

September 6th, 2005, Argentum Backup 2.50 review has been published in the September issue of PC Magazine (USA). "...If you have better things to do than wrestle with backup, then the raw simplicity of Argentum Backup 2.50 will please you immensely. A lightweight backup program that consumers will understand how to use intuitively. Simplicity is half the battle with backup, and Argentum has it down..." - Robert Lipschutz.

Argentum is proud to be recognized with this prestigious magazine. It's our goal to continue providing you with high quality software and services. Our thanks go to everyone who has and is helping us with Argentum Backup, and to anyone who has contributed in whatever way.

We're welcome any new customers followed with the PC Magazine publication. For your information: Argentum Backup is a five years old backup utility with tens of thousands users world-wide. See the anniversary note below.

10 years in the life

A continuity is to be found in the dimension of time. Anniversaries are of course shot through with retrospection and nostalgia, and grand anniversaries of the kind we are marking in 2005 seem at first sight to give particular priority to the past over the present and the future.

Yet the creative thinking that Argentum exists to encourage is a future-driven business: from its vantage point in the present, such thinking, irrespective of the business, looks forward into a world of possibility. We hope that Argentum is able to congratulate itself on its future as well as its past. Now is the moment for us to project ourselves into the next ten years.

This year, in October, 2005, we're celebrating:

  • 10 years of Argentum Corporation.
  • 10 years of MyFiles™ and Coolbase™ (Infophilia™).
  • 5 years of Argentum™ Backup.

For those who are interested in historical records, there is a small note about initial public release of Argentum Backup on October 30, 2000:

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Argentum Corporation,

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