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June 21, 2004

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  1. Argentum Backup. PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award.
  2. Media kit updated. Small pictures.
  3. Vacation.

Argentum Backup. PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award.

The sky's the limit. June, 2004, Argentum Backup wins the PC Magazine (USA) Editors' Choice Award - currently the most prestigious technology award in the computer media world-wide. Each year the editors at PC Magazine put computers, peripherals, software, networking and utility products through a comprehensive comparative review to select category leaders and reward best software products available in high-tech industry. The corresponding award logo is a licensed property of Ziff-Davis Media Holdings Inc., so we're not going - nor have a right - to publish the award image on our web-site, unfortunately.

Argentum is proud to be recognized with this prestigious award. Being awarded PC Magazine's Editors' Choice reinforces Argentum's position as an innovator and leader in the personal backup software market. The PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award is an achievement that represents a breakthrough or milestone in the evolution of Argentum Backup, and unveils its technical excellence and unparalleled performance, its great usability concepts, and its solid popularity. It's our goal to continue providing you with high quality software and services. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future, and we look forward to providing you with the most effective backup software solutions available.

Media kit updated. Small pictures.

The press kit has recently been updated and upgraded with a few small images, optimized for linking. If you like our software, you are welcome to place a link to our web-site! The press kit has also been renamed, and is now known as media kit. This is to better reflect its purpose and to appeal to wider audience, including both the traditional offline media and modern electronic online media. Finally, the media kit has been uploaded to the corporate server, to be available online as an integral part of Argentum web-site:


If you represent or work for a computer or technology magazine, if you manage a web-site, or publish a news-letter, we invite you to take a look at our company's media kit. The media kit includes all of the latest company press-releases, a number of screenshots in polygraphic quality, company logo, high-quality cover art graphics, basic company profile, and a number of attractive small pictures optimized for the Web. They are descriptive, yet optimized to be very small - a few kilobytes in size at the most. And they should perfectly match any of the existing web-design layouts, as well. Take a look at:



Starting from June 27th, 2004 and until July 17th, 2004 we're on vacation. All of your support requests will be addressed later. E-mail processing, as well as all current activities, are suspended until July 17th, 2004. Sorry for the inconvenience - annual vacation time. If you have any urgent queries, please make sure to forward them before June 25th, 2004. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that all other services are fully-operational, including our e-commerce system (RegNow) to process orders, our web-site, and our activation server to issue activation permissions.


Argentum Corporation,
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