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December 11, 2003

During this traditional time of sending greetings, we're glad of the opportunity to let you know that we appreciate our associations with you. As the years go by, we value more and more the pleasure of interacting with those who have become our friends as well as our business associates. We just couldn't make it... Without friends and customers like you! We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the success of our company. May you and your family enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always.


Argentum Corporation,
(206) 337-1724


  1. MoodBook. Bring art on your desktop! Exclusive!
  2. Google.
  3. Get ready for Argentum Backup 2.1.

MoodBook. Bring art on your desktop! Exclusive!

As the holiday time sets in, we won't be annoying you with those special offers and discounts. Instead we want to present to you a project of another kind, a project which is completely free for all of you. We have worked over six months on this project and now it is time to present it to you. Feel free to pass this link to all of your friends and associates:


MoodBook is a tiny Windows utility that brings art on your desktop and sets a tone for your daily mood and emotions! MoodBook runs on every Windows platform of 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. With MoodBook your desktop looks like an art gallery changing abstract art expositions either automatically, at regular time intervals, or manually, with a click. Each exposition has either a tranquil, neutral or vivid background and a picture of art in the center:


Additionally, MoodBook is designed to help you control your sense and mind, set a tone for your mood, and adjust your mental state. First, abstract art pictures have a major impact on your perception. Second, the desktop background itself sets a tone and mood, influencing deeply with the color. With MoodBook installed on your desktop you can not only entertain and educate yourself, but, what is more, actually control your mind. Although the product is free, we're going to promote it heavily! After you have tried MoodBook, we would love to hear your feedback on MoodBook, MoodBook's web-site and possible branding and marketing strategies for us:


We're proud to let you know that this announcement is exclusive. There have not been any public announcements for MoodBook yet. The site has just been uploaded, so be the first one to see.


We'd like you to do us a little favour. We'd explain it in a little more detail. Many of you are aware of the major Internet search engine called Google. Currently it controls over 80% of all search traffic on the Internet, thanks to its sophisticated technology, powerful mathematical model and proven mathematical algorithms. Many of our customers find us through the Google search engine. We can see it from your feedback.

The problem is that Google maintains both paid and unpaid links. The regular unpaid listings appear to the left of the Google pages and occupy most of the page space. The paid or sponsored links are placed to the right of the page in small blocks, colored with either aqua or pink tint. If you remember you found us through Google, can you please be so kind and recall which link you initially clicked on, was is a regular link to the left, or was it a sponsored, boxed link to the right of the page? We'd much appreciate your feedback. If you don't use search engines or don't like Google, then just relax and do nothing. You can still enjoy MoodBook and Christmas time though!

Get ready for Argentum Backup 2.1.

Hope you'd be pleased to know that we have scheduled Argentum Backup 2.10 launch for early 2004. We're going to release at least three updates for Argentum Backup in the upcoming year 2004, so get ready for many exciting improvements to your favorite backup product! We'll concentrate on Argentum Backup's internals mainly, the way it performs what it actually was designed for, the backup operations.

Argentum Backup 2.10 introduces major interior changes that may well worth assigning it a new major release number 3. There is a whole new backup engine, written in pure C++ language, copyrighted by Argentum Corporation. The new backup engine, code-named ZipMore, covers more ground than ever before and controls both file copying mode and Zip compression. ZipMore has originally been introduced to support existing Zip64 extensions and to prepare for upcoming WinZip 9 AES-256 extensions, but, as a side effect, backups are faster and more reliable now. In fact, Argentum Backup is the first backup software program of its class to support Zip64 extensions!

Additionally, there will be an update to the activation module of Argentum Backup. The activation module no longer depends on network adapters installed on the system. Currently, Argentum Backup invalidates its activation state after dynamic change of MAC network address on computers with broadband, DSL, ISDN and other high-speed Internet connections, laptops with wireless access points and other computers with dynamically configured network adapters. This will be fixed in the upcoming release.

If you're one of the registered, licensed customers and want to be a beta-tester for 2.10 release, let us know.

If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your e-mail address in our database, just answer this e-mail provided that your e-mail address is included in the body of the message. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We value whatever feedback you provide, either negative or positive. We read and answer every e-mail, even it's totally out of scope of our products and services. Any time and any place, feel free to tell us what you think!

Season greetings,

Argentum Corporation,
(206) 337-1724

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