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December 25, 2000

Seasons greetings!
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope we get to meet more of you in 2001. Enjoy your holidays and rest up for the year to come. Argentum Infophilia 1.50 final release has just been uploaded and waits for your downloads.

December 9, 2000

Argentum Infophilia 1.50 pre-release version is available for download.

December 1, 2000

"Congratulations! Your software Argentum Backup
has been awarded a 4 star rating
at Yippee software library."

November 23, 2000

"Congratulations! Your outstanding application, Argentum Backup,
has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars on The File Transit.
Once again, congratulations and thank you for your submission.

Best Regards, Jordan Harding, The File Transit President"

November 10, 2000

Considerable additions to the "Awards" section of our site. We have just placed there first users comments about Argentum Backup and first awards received from various software libraries.

November 3, 2000

We have been awarded at File Dudes software library.
Argentum Backup's rating is now four dudes out of possible five.

October 30, 2000

At its annual conference, Argentum Corporation today announced the availability of Argentum Backup - both manual and automatic backup solution with elegant and ergonomic user interface that makes backing up your documents a breeze.

Argentum Backup's technology provides seamless backup of all in-use and open files. Unlike products that operate on a disk basis, Argentum Backup allows backup processing to run as a true background operation. With today's emphasis on non-intrusive data management methodologies, technologies such as Argentum Backup become an obvious choice for customers running 24/7, global operations. Because backups can be run at any time without the risk of missing open files or affecting system performance. Argentum creates a backup solution featuring the highest performance and reliability available on the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 market.

A single-user license for Argentum Backup costs $24.00 and may be purchased online at Argentum's web site. Evaluation copy is freely downloadable from Argentum's web site.

October 21, 2000

A pre-release version of our new product, Argentum Backup, is available for download. The final release is scheduled to be launched by October 30, 2000. Stay tuned with us and be prepared for that major event. Soon we will be able to place an official press-release here.

October 17, 2000

"Congratulations! Your outstanding application, Argentum Infophilia,
has been awarded 5 out of 5 stars on The File Transit.
Once again, congratulations and thank you for your submission.

Best Regards, Jordan Harding, The File Transit President"

October 14, 2000

Jumbo: Catalog all of your files with Argentum Infophilia!

Argentum: This day, Argentum Infophilia is a program of the day in a "Weekly 3 Pack" at Jumbo software library. This is a considerable accomplishment of ours.

Jumbo: Every week we bring you three of the "must-have" downloads that we have discovered during the course of our downloading adventures. What kind of programs are picked for the Weekly 3 Pack? We're glad you asked! The lucky 3-pack honorees are chosen for their excellent features, time-saving options, or because they're just plain fun. See for yourself why these programs have earned a coveted spot on our hard drives. They will surely earn a spot on yours!

October 12, 2000

Argentum Corporation today announced the redesign and immediate availability of the Argentum Web site at http://www.argentuma.com/. In addition to the Web site redesign, Argentum will soon offer a new product for data backup, called Argentum Backup.

After receiving feedback from over 100 Internet users through e-mail, usability testing and Web surveys, Argentum has enhanced its Web site to help ensure that it is the best resource for people who use Argentum product-based solutions in file management. As a result of their input, Argentum has significantly improved the site's ease of use, including navigation, visualization options and updated content. Argentum Web site offers new and unique software for the ordinary people.

October 3, 2000

Yippee team has reviewed our program. Argentum Infophilia overall rating is 4/5. In detail: installation: 4.7, interface: 4.0, functionality: 4.7, documentation: 4.3.

September 27, 2000

Argentum Infophilia 1.20 final release is available for download.

September 15, 2000

Argentum Infophilia 1.20 beta release is available for download. New features include: sorting while publishing and copying, Windows ME compatibility, minor GUI changes and bug-fixes.

July 27, 2000

Order processing is suspended until August 15, 2000. After this date all pending orders will be delivered to customers. Sorry for the inconvenience - annual vacation time.

July 17, 2000

Argentum Infophilia has been awarded by four cows at Tucows Office library including favourable review, as well as, Wow! award at SoftList library.

June 14, 2000

Two new trees available at downloads section. They are created by Nathan Coulter and look very cool. The first one represents a real-life knowledge base for the systems support group. The second one is a good-looking information manager. Don't forget to post your tree to be placed at our site!

May 27, 2000

Argentum Infophilia has been awarded five out of possible five stars at 5 Stars Shareware software library.

May 9, 2000

Argentum Infophilia has been found and selected by central German software library - Computer Channel.

April 17, 2000

Our tool has been featured at NeoSoft library - a very selective library with authoring reviews. Argentum Infophilia has also been mentioned at Computerra Soft News.

March 27, 2000

Although we awaited to get all five stars at ZDNet library, after last re-review we got only four. We even corresponded with ZDNet's department of reviews but a compromise was not come to. Nevertheless ZDNet is the most authoritative Internet software library, so getting a four-star Editors Pick award is an evidence of exclusiveness and quality assurance. Argentum Infophilia also got Users Choice award at ListSoft library. See all Argentum Infophilia awards and reviews at "Opinions" section.

March 7, 2000

Argentum Infophilia 1.10 is released and waits for your downloads. It is a minor, bug fixing and feature enhancing release, though it introduces a newest, long-awaited and high-demand feature - disk updating with description preserving.

February 21, 2000

We have started a new sub-section in section "Downloads" to hold trees posted by users of Argentum Infophilia. This could help everyone more efficiently implement Argentum Infophilia. Contact us if you want your tree to be placed there.

February 7, 2000

Here is a short news digest for you. Argentum Infophilia has been awarded "Program Of The Week" at WindowPlanet. A new version of Argentum Infophilia is going to be released soon - that would be a minor, bug fixing and feature enhancing release. We are also thinking about releasing new product, which will be called something like Argentum Backup.

January 1, 2000

As Y2K rotated, Y2K-steady Argentum Infophilia 1.00 became stable enough to be released and hit the streets! A great amount of time and effort has been spent to release a brand new version of Argentum Infophilia. Now it is 5 - 15% faster, has more consistent, stylish graphical user interface and contains a number of new high-demand features, such as, storing files and links inside nodes, HTML publishing engine to deploy and present your trees, integration with on-disk content, usage statistics access, and more.

Our product is now a better choice than ever. With those new features introduced, Argentum Infophilia is now the most complete platform available for cataloging digital content, and the easiest tree-like organizer available, simply number one Internet application to work with data archives and tree-like information. Unfortunately it is no longer a free software and therefore in order to use it, you should kindly register.

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