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December 12, 1999

Argentum Corporation, the developer of Argentum Infophilia, is proud to announce a brand new version of its cataloging organizer.

A great amount of time and effort has been spent to release this new version of Argentum Infophilia. Now it is 5 - 15% faster, has more consistent, stylish graphical user interface and contains a number of new high-demand features, such as, storing files and links inside nodes, HTML publishing engine to deploy and present your trees, integration with on-disk content, usage statistics access, and more. Our product is now a better choice than ever. The official release date is January 1, 2000, but the distributive package is already available for download and will stay unmodified.

Get your copy of Argentum Infophilia 1.00 from http://www.argentuma.com/am.exe (1.6 MB).

A new web-site has been designed to preview the release of Argentum Infophilia 1.00. Visit our site at http://www.argentuma.com/. It is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4 or later. Other browsers provide poor support for modern CSS technology which is widely used while designing this site. Content for this site had been partially pre-processed in Argentum Infophilia and was generated using its new publishing engine.

Note that Argentum Infophilia is no longer a free software and therefore in order to use it, you should kindly register. You may do so right now at our order page: http://www.argentuma.com/ordering.html. The price is as low as $35 for a single copy. Make someone a present and buy two copies for as low as $58. This will save you 20% of discount on each copy. A special MIDI song will be attached to the registration letter in case you want to make someone a present.

Wishing you happy holidays, dear Infophilia user!

Argentum Corporation

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