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July 17, 1999

Argentum Corporation, the developer of Argentum Infophilia, is proud to announce a brand new version of Argentum Infophilia with lots of new features, such as: the online documentation access, new filtering functionality, new design, improved stability and error handling, faster visualization of data, and more. Look at the changes more specifically:

  • ! Online documentation included.
  • + The status bar added.
  • + Filtering code improved. New filtering functionality introduced.
  • + New switch to disable scanning of archives.
  • + A few handy keyboard shortcuts added.
  • * Dialogs redesigned for better feel and look. Buttons in dialogs now have the modern flat style.
  • + Close buttons added to dialogs. Infrequently used buttons removed from the toolbar.
  • * Toolbar buttons can now be enlarged.
  • + A context menu added to the list pane of the explorer.
  • * Even less flicker in the tree pane of the explorer.
  • * Other cosmetic GUI changes.
  • * Error handling improved.
  • - Interface mismatch. Engine version different. error and some other BDE initialization errors fixed.
  • - A few minor bugs fixed.

As a mailing list subscriber you gain an exclusive right to download the distributive package three days ahead of the public announcement! Get your copy now at http://www.argentuma.com/am.exe. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank you for your interest in Argentum Infophilia.

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