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Jerry Timerius

I'm buying your program this evening, since its functions are so innovative and customizable! I've been using Treepad for quite a while, but have found Coolbase to be even better suited my needs. This is a big thing to me because I've been using Treepad since day one! You'll be hearing more from me. Thanks.

Mike Smith, Scientist

The more I play with Argentum Coolbase the more I see its potential for information storage and retrieval. I had, oddly enough, been thinking about designing something in Access for dendritic information storage but thought it would take far to long for my poor programming skills to cobble together. Argentum Coolbase is fast and small which is a pleasant surprise nowadays.

Maolikai, Student

Your software is very good. I like it very much.

Nathan Coulter

I have been following the development of Argentum Coolbase since the initial release back in June. Even though I'm not a programmer, Coolbase seems to be the information manager of my dreams. Congratulations to your team for developing such a remarkable product! I have never seen such a wonderfully flexible program, and even though I'm not a programmer at all, I get the feeling that the code is exquisite.

Javed Akhter

I use Argentum Coolbase 0.70 and I like it very much. This is the one I was looking for for a long time.

Terry Vogler, Engineering Manager

We are a wireless engineering firm and have a moderate amount of very valuable data to manage, such as digital maps. We have started populating a database and found that it did nearly everything we want. And the price was not a stopping block. Since we are putting a large amount of time and data into this database, we figured it was just better to register it to activate the support and expand the product's record capacity.

Max Enfield

I carefully browsed many packages and downloaded three programs for trial before selecting Coolbase. As a person who in an earlier life was a computer programmer, having arrived there via a mathematics major, I find tree structures elegant, powerful in their flexibility and naturally suit the top down way in which I organize my data.

Anne Stieber

I chose Argentum Coolbase for use by my mission director. He was looking for a package where he could search his notes on a keyword. He also wanted it to be very quick at searching. Yours was the only package I could find which seemed to meet his requirement. Many thanks.

Michael McMahan

The key for me was a reasonable feature set at a low cost. I like the ability to organize and search data and the ability to include a variety of data types associated with each node. The ease of use of the program is also important to me.

John Shreeve, Writer

I was searching for some kind of database software to organize my computer data - I'm a writer. I didn't really know what I wanted, but discovered Coolbase on Google. It looked exactly what I needed. Most importantly, your attitude was good. This came over in the copy. And also when using the program itself. I really need to keep track of everything in one place. Plus I need to cut my software down to basics, otherwise I'm a master of none. So Coolbase will be at the centre once I input info. I like the fact you can easily collect your web links and e-mail's. And link to files and images on your computer. It's just a question of considering how to organize what you are working on. Then fire it all in.

Most important to me is keeping an easy to reach record of my web-site domain and related data - so I can get to it fast. I have a web-site for my book and need to update it a lot. So a good database will help. Regarding competition. Well it was simple. I just went with the software I could understand! You could improve your tutorial - give a really basic step-by-step view of inputting data. Otherwise you are doing great! I really need to buy software from one firm - whose products are good overall. If you could create a word processor that also builds decent web pages I'd be overjoyed!

Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

What do you want to catalog today? Stamps, stickers, or stuffed animals with Styrofoam beans stuck inside of them? It doesn't matter what you enjoy collecting - Argentum Coolbase will help you keep them organized. It's a database management system designed for maximum flexibility with data entry. The tree-like structure is straightforward and practical. Infophiliacs need not fear this program.

Tucows Reviewer

Need to get your collections in order? Well, if so, Argentum Coolbase is the software for you. This easy-to-use program creates organized catalogs of data. Argentum Coolbase is a quick way to create tree-like organizations for your information. You can use it to catalog just about anything, documents, CDs, video. The organized information can be shared either on or offline. This program is really simple to learn. The extensive help file includes a tutorial. Argentum Coolbase is a user-friendly organizer for information. It neatly organizes information into handy tree-like structures. This is a great way to organize personal information.

Jens Dahmen, Window Planet

Anyone needs this excellent utility. This tool is an excellent organizer which may not only be used for your private purposes, because - as an organizer - it can also handle you office stuff. Anyone who likes tree-structured information needs the tool. Store any data in a tree database or design your own structures. Handle your data with only one click! You can also add a detailed description of your data. It features many, many more things! It's really worth downloading it now! If you want to get your stuff organized, Coolbase is the tool you need.

Jeremy Reynolds, Yippee Software Library

Coolbase is a fantastic organization tool that can catalogue everything from your digital media to personal data and addresses. The database-style design is fast, efficient and simple to use and the direct links to files such as music and pictures gives Coolbase a level of flexibility and functionality that put many other organizers to shame. Highly recommended.

Paul Rowlingson, Future Publishing

Argentum Coolbase is designed to store absolutely any kind of information in whatever order you like. It uses the familiar tree structure, much like Windows Explorer, with no limit to the number of databases that can be stored. The left tree pane, which shows the database structure, is where you can browse folders and files. The bottom pane displays the contents of the selected tree item, and the top pane outlines the properties of the selected item. Detailed search facilities ensure you can always find what you want, even in a bloated database. Databases can be exported in XML and CSV formats, along with publishing data as a web page, e-mailing to friends, and printing out.

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