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  • ! Important information
  • + New feature
  • * Improvement or modification
  • - Bug fixed or feature dropped

July 5, 2005, Release 2.50

  • * The activation module within Argentum Coolbase no longer depends on network adapters, both physical and virtual, installed on the system. Argentum Coolbase no longer invalidates current activation state after dynamic change of MAC network address on computers with broadband, DSL, ISDN and other high-speed Internet connections, wireless access points, and dynamically configured network adapters.
  • * Documentation updated and improved.
  • * Main menu items are reorganized for better accessibility.
  • * Other minor interface improvements and compatibility fixes.
  • - Minor bug-fixes.

July 20, 2003, Release 2.30

  • ! A new licensing engine that works in conjunction with a special corporate activation server.
  • + XML and CSV export facilities are now available. While HTML publishing is good for most of the purposes of visual presentation, XML and CSV are ideal when you need to export Coolbase tree into information-centric, structured presentation. XML and CSV are better than HTML in case that you need to export Coolbase tree into another database program, spreadsheet or plain text format.
  • * HTML output format is now in additional conformity to CSS level one specification. This leads to a better rendering in today's CSS-compliant browsers, like Opera, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator 7 and more.
  • - Bug-fixes and minor interface improvements.

August 7, 2002, Release 2.20

  • + Argentum Coolbase features a fully skinned look and feel under Windows XP. Check this out!
  • + From now on you can choose a decoration style for your HTML presentations. A total of three possible decoration styles are currently available in the form of predefined templates, including printer-friendly version.
  • + A new variation of date/time property - pure time property. It conveniently holds, identifies and displays time intervals of up to 24 hours long using one second resolution.
  • * Item blocks (cells) in HTML reports are now tiled with slightly differing colors to make a more usable, interleaved look and feel.
  • * Yet more of search options gives even more of flexibility. You are now able to search in any kind of property, i. e. you're not limited to the type of the property.
  • * Major speed optimizations. We have dramatically improved Coolbase's performance by using code profiling and optimizing the most frequently accessed code fragments, along with the plain logic optimization. We put a lot of time and effort into this optimization so we are sure you'll be pleased with the results we have been able to attain to:
    • 200 % speed increase while you're searching. Yes, we've made it three times faster.
    • 80 % speed increase while you're publishing. Publishing is now 1.8 times faster.
    • An approximate to 50 % increase for nearly all of other operations like browsing trees, optimizing items etc.
  • * Various improvements in usability and user interface:
    • A progress bar to track search progress.
    • Less flicker on search window.
    • Improved, gradient-filled toolbar with text labels.
  • * The documentation updated and corrected.
  • * Various internal optimizations and bug-fixes.

October 2, 2001, Release 2.00

  • ! We have implemented a lot of new functionality, a lot of new improvements and a lot of corrections to our product in this release, so we decided to number this release with a new major number.
  • ! We have decided to give our product a new name to better reflect its purpose, to lower users' frustrations and to increase product marketability. The new name is Argentum Coolbase.
  • ! We have also decided to split up product development into two branches. The first one is purely for cataloging files and folders. The other one is purely for organizing your personal data, collecting notes and managing your information. They look much alike as they are built up on top of our brand, well-known, dendritic, multi-property database access engine, formerly found in Argentum Infophilia. We hope this move might also lower users' frustration and increase products marketability.
  • + A long awaited feature - internal links between items - implemented. Now you can link to items by their IDs using ordinary link properties. Any item may contain any number of links. From now on, the product can be used not only for building dendritic structures (trees), but also for constructing graphs of different kinds: oriented graphs, ordered graphs, regular graphs, bunch graphs and more. From now, there are practically no limits in linking! Link to Internet locations and e-mails, link to files and folders on your computer and network, and now you can link as well to items from within the same tree.
  • * Sorting everywhere within the program is now case-insensitive and supports international locales.
  • * Integer properties are now aligned to the right and are now thousand-separated.
  • + The whole new search window introduced, which is more usable and easier to manage now. It shows search results instantly in a tabular form, keeping these results until next search, supports item locating in the tree and more. That was one of the most demanded features according to the users' feedback.
  • + You may now search within a specific property which you choose.
  • + Editing of date and time properties greatly simplified. Separate native editing controls implemented for this sake. Some changes in defining date/time properties.
  • * We have decided to permit editing right in the property pane. Property editing window has became obsolete according to these new editing rules. This should greatly increase usability of the product. This was also one of the most demanded features.
  • + New commands in property pane popup menu to ease editing of the property list. These commands permit you to instantly add or remove single property.
  • * Changes introduced to all dialogs for greater usability. Some dialogs now have a cascaded design with "More/Simple" buttons to better serve both beginners and advanced users.
  • + A new title bar added to the top of the property pane. It conveniently displays information about current path together with icon and other contextual information.
  • + From now a new item that you're adding to the tree will be automatically filled up with the essential properties.
  • + We have reorganized the main menu as well as added new toolbar buttons, popup menus, and commands to the main (explorer) window. Overall it should be easier now to navigate and alter trees.
  • * Some pictures changed. This affects icons look and feel throughout the program.
  • * Various tweaks with the user interface, not specifically listed here. Various tweaks with the program code, not specifically listed here.
  • * Significant changes in documentation to reflect all new additions, improvements, corrections.

January 2, 2001, Release 1.50

  • ! We have moved to a new, redesigned, web-site.
  • * Installation system replaced, as well as, distribution package structure slightly changed.
  • - Fixed main window's strange behaviour caused by incorrect restoration of window's position and size.
  • * Links inside program corrected to point to the new web-site.
  • * Documentation revised.
  • * Demo tree corrected.

September 26, 2000, Release 1.20

  • + During copying and publishing, nodes are now sorted in the output according to the current sort settings in the explorer.
  • * File open and file save dialogs could now be resized in Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.
  • * Nice picture now attached to the front page of HTML reports.
  • * Microsoft Windows ME compatibility.
  • * Icons attached to menu items.
  • * Changes in registration scheme.
  • * Minor color changes in GUI.
  • - A few memory leaks corrected.
  • - A few minor bug-fixes.

January 1, 2000, Release 1.00

  • + Binary property definition significantly extended. Now you can view binary content directly from the property pane. Or you can store links (including Internet ones) inside binary properties.
  • + Powerful publishing engine included. Now you are able to view your dendriform content in HTML format, print out trees, deliver trees for presentation and deployment, design HTML pages using Argentum Infophilia as editor, and more.
  • + Separate command included to add fixed set of properties, called essential properties, to the node.
  • + Powerful statistics engine added.
  • * Noticeable internal modifications all over the source code. Raising quality of the source code raises quality of the final executable and therefore leads to improved stability and speed.
  • * Some internal optimizations. May result in 5-10% increase in speed during all operations concerning processing nodes. 5-15% for searching!
  • + Windows 2000 Build 2128 compatibility.
  • * Some templates changed. Some templates removed. New template - organizer - added.
  • * Dates and times now support regional settings.
  • * Search queries now support wildcards.
  • * Property pane now tracks changes in tree pane in addition to changes in list pane.
  • * Less flicker in the list pane.
  • * Some windows now remember more information about last state of their controls.
  • * Menu structure changed noticeably according to human GUI rules.
  • * Dialogs redesigned according to human GUI rules.
  • * More consistent palette is now used for labels.
  • * Icon and logo modified.
  • * Installer system replaced.
  • + Command line parameter support.
  • * Updates in documentation to reflect changes.
  • + New topics in documentation to help first time users.
  • * Faster startup.
  • - Support for multiple languages in properties dropped since it is needless for most users and hard to support for us.

July 21, 1999, Release 0.70

  • ! Online documentation included.
  • + Status bar added.
  • + Filtering code improved. New filtering functionality added.
  • + Some useful keyboard shortcuts added.
  • * Dialogs redesigned for better feel and look.
  • + Close buttons added to dialogs.
  • - Infrequently used buttons removed from the toolbar.
  • * Toolbar buttons now can be expanded in size.
  • + Right button context menu added to the list pane of the explorer.
  • * Buttons in dialogs now have modern "flat" style.
  • + Button to save changes in property edit window added.
  • * Even less flicker in the tree pane of the explorer.
  • * Other cosmetic GUI changes.
  • * Error handling in cases of master-node incorrect editing significantly improved.
  • - "Interface mismatch. Engine version different." error and some other BDE initialization errors fixed.
  • - A few minor bugs fixed.

April 12, 1999, Release 0.60

  • ! First public release.

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